A time to reflect…

Since being introduced to Popplet, I have been thinking about how to apply its use into the courses that I teach (web programming). Not only would this tool be great for brainstorming but it could also most definitely be used in website layout. After you go through the conceptualization and analysis steps within a website development life cycle, the next step is the design and layout of the site, enter Popplet. You could easily create a visual representation of a website’s architecture that can be shared with everyone. I will definitely be trying this out with my next website. A big thumbs up for Popplet!Thumbs up emoji!

This week in class, we also examined Twitter and its uses and learned about RSS aggregators. I have been using Twitter since 2009. I invite my students to follow me on Twitter and follow industry experts as well. It’s a fantastic way to stay connected with what’s happening in an industry that you’re interested in. Since I teach in a technology industry, which seems to change every minute, it’s almost a full-time job to keep current on technology trends and the next “new” thing on the horizon. Twitter allows me to stay current, follow what’s going on industry, and connect with industry experts, my colleagues, and peers. Another thumbs up for Twitter! Thumbs up emoji!

A few years ago I was really into using a news aggregator, then it seemed to fall by the wayside because I put my time into growing my Twitter presence and connecting with my students through the Twitter social media platform. Introducing news aggregators this week in class made me realize that I need to incorporate its use into my daily routine again – I need to “reconnect” so to speak. It’s another very effective way to stay current on trends and focus on getting information on a specific topic, or multiple topics, within one location. I registered for Feedly, selected the topics that I want information about, and bam! All the topic news and information in one place. I have also been spending time on Flipboard, which is another topic-focused news site that I can enjoy reading during the morning with a cup of coffee.

Connecting with all of these different social media tools has enhanced my ability to stay current in the industry in which I teach, connect with peers and colleagues (both old and new), collaborate, and connect and share with my students. I recently read an article titled Keeping Up-to-Date on Your Industry and the tagline read “Staying Informed”. I couldn’t agree more!