Networked Learning Project (Post #1)

Something that I have wanted to learn for a few years now, is how to use Apple’s Swift Apple iPhoneprogramming language and Xcode IDE to create a simple, functional app that I can deploy to an iOS device so I have chosen this as my learning goal for the Networked Learning Project. I have been an Apple fan and user since being introduced to Apple computers in 1985 and have had, and currently have, multiple Apple devices, but I have never ventured into the area of actually creating an iOS app. I will be removed from my comfort zone over the next few weeks (my background is in design, not computer programming) and embark on an educational journey that I believe will be very rewarding.

I have already identified a few online resources that I plan on using to get started on this learning process. Apple has informative “Getting Started” tutorials on their Developer website in their iOS Developer Library. The Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift) online tutorial will be my starting point after reviewing the Xcode 7 + Swift 2 Resources page that contains guides and references, videos, sample code, and free iTunes U Courses.

Another resource that I will be using is the library. I have a subscription to and there are multiple training courses that I can access for additional information, references, and video instruction.

There is also a short five-part series on YouTube created by Skip Wilson titled Swift for Absolute Beginners that I discovered during my research, and I will be including the series as part of my research and instruction.

Through the use of a variety of resources that include videos from, YouTube, iTunes U, and Apple, online tutorials, and sample code, I hope to successfully create a functional iOS app using the Swift programming language and Xcode IDE that will make its proud appearance on my iPhone and/or iPad in the weeks to come.