A fruit salad is a fruit salad – TPACK

I had a blast with this week’s TPACK activity! Prior to CEP810, I had never heard of TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge). Since this was new to me, I made it a point to watch Dr. Mishra’s Keynote presentation at the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong in 2012 before even starting the activity. Dr. Mishra describes TPACK as a “total package” where technology, pedagogy, and content are integrated, not separate. I watched this on my iPad while exercising on the treadmill because after all, “a lecture is a lecture” (Explore, Create, Share Mashup) regardless if you’re reading it on paper, hearing it spoken, or watching it on a mobile device. Right?

For this week’s assignment, Cooking with TPACK, we were to have someone randomly choose a bowl, plate, and utensil from our cupboards and then select a cooking task from a predetermined list by randomly drawing a number from a hat (a bowl in my case) that corresponded to an item on the list. I had a friend of mine randomly choose a bowl, plate, and utensil from my cupboards and I drew the #3 item on the list–fruit salad here I come! I was thrilled with this random selection because I always have a supply of organic fruit on hand so I used a banana and an apple for this activity.

The following were randomly selected for me:

  • A small, ceramic-type bowl
  • A paper plate
  • An ice cream scoop

The paper plate was repurposed as a cutting board, the ice cream scoop was repurposed as a knife and a peeler, and the bowl didn’t need repurposing because in this case it was being used exactly what it was designed for.

Watch repurposing in action as I create a fruit salad!