Reflection – A Look Back

Prior to CEP811, I had never heard of the Maker Movement and how it’s being integrated into and affecting education. I have experienced an entire new way of thinking where the opportunities to incorporate the Maker culture into the classroom and in the area that I teach, are endless! Combining the use of Scratch (an online interactive programming teaching and learning tool) with an invention kit such as Makey Makey to create Maker-inspired lessons, offers opportunities for collaborative group work in which the group members are both teachers and learners.

I now understand what the America’s Greatest Makers TV show is all about – I get it! Tinkering, exploring, playing, creating, problem solving, innovating, and collaborating…the possibilities are limitless and also integrates nicely into teaching the 21C skill sets that are now expected of learners. Educators can transform a traditional classroom into a Makerspace and create a personalized learning environment with Maker-inspired lessons – what a fantastic way to promote engagement and excitement in learning!

An interactive visual summation of what I’ve learned over the past 7 weeks can be viewed at:

A look back at CEP811 - Infographic


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