Are you a Maker?

Close up glowing light bulb: CC0 Public Domain.

The first week of #CEP811 introduced the maker culture. I have never heard of this before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but the title alone intrigued me from the start. After watching Dale Dougherty’s TED talk “We are Makers” (several times over and over again just because I enjoyed it so much), I understood what “making” meant and I do believe that we are all makers in ways we don’t even realize and in ways that we do realize.

The assignment this week was to create a remix based on an aspect of the maker culture that resonated with us or the remix could be based on the culture itself as a whole. I have heard of remixing before but have never done anything with it other than watching remixes that my nephew made years ago. He was doing it at age 14 and I’m doing it for the first time at age 49. Better late than never. The four part series “Everything is a Remix” by Kirby Ferguson was amazing! The series examined remixing, provided excellent examples, and very interesting factual commentary not to mention talented film making. I walked away from watching the series with a solid understanding of remixing. I actually watched the series multiple times as well.

Now that I had an understanding of the maker culture and remixing, it was time to get to work and blend the two together. The goal was to convey a message to the audience using various types of media that incorporated something about the maker culture using a remix technique…all under one minute in length (that was the most challenging part). I played around with WeVideo for a few hours and found that I was so concerned with watching the “used time” counter on the website, that I wasn’t focusing on the true meaning of the assignment. I was making the tool the primary focus, not the message and the technique. Thankfully, I was able to switch tools and use Camtasia, a video-editing tool, to create my video. Quickly, the maker culture message and remix technique became my primary focus.

I extracted what I learned from Dale Dougherty’s TED talk and incorporated that into the primary message of my video. I used a combination of Vimeo and YouTube videos, SoundCloud audio as background music, and a still photo from Pixabay to create my video.

Whether it’s using a variety of ingredients that you would never think to use together to create a tasty dinner entrée or tinkering with computer parts in a garage not knowing that it would be the birth of a personal computer industry, we are all makers. We are Makers and shapers and put-it-togetherers.

I hope you enjoy my video remix and my take on the maker culture.

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